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Name: Zoie
Age: 15
Location: Los Angeles, Cali
How long have you been sXe?: 9 months
Why did you become sXe?: I've seen drug fuck up some of my closest friends. One died, five overdosed at various times in school, ones made it into rehab only to come out after her meetings and huff glade. I've just never wanted to be like that. They were people I once idolized throwing their lives away for nothing .
Point of view: Just don't use the "drugs are so fun!" line on me. .
Favorite Bands: The Misfits, A Fire Inside, Son Of Sam, Minor Threat, Sex Pistols, Nirvana, Blink 182, Danzig, the list could be on.
Any Advice for people debating on becoming sXe?: Don't do it unless you know you can succeed.

( I am the one in the misfits shirt.
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