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Age:14 ( 15 in march)

Location: Florida

How long have you been sXe?: a couple of years now

Why did you become sXe?: Because I've seen what it does to people and its not good to be involved in. I've seen a friend laying half dead on the side of the road because of drugs and it scares me and yeah.

Point of view: i dont hate you for doing drugs you just dont need them to have fun

Favorite Bands: Spitvalves, Anti-Flag, The Casualties, Five Iron Frenzy, Pennywise, GBH, Misfits, Less Than jake, Catch 22, Mad Caddies i think i'll stop now haha

Any Advice for people debating on becoming sXe?: its not for everyone. its hard to be commited to the edge unless you really want to so think before you become straight edge. But its a good idea i guarantee you'll live longer. haha
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